Public Poetry Reading Series - Winter Features

Annually,  25 featured poets will be invited to present their work. Each poet will be at two different library locations, six months apart.  Each program start at 2 PM, and is scheduled on the first Saturday of the month.

Feb. 1st - Free and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!

Park Place Regional Library
8145 Park Place Blvd
Houston, TX 77017
(832) 393-1970



Writing Workshop Series

During the Summer and Winter season, Lupe hosts a month long poetry writing workshop geared toward the developement of writing skills and artistic inspiration. The uniquely creative venture happens at the Brazilian Arts Foundation and is FREE and open to the public.

Each course is designed to be taken  independently or as part of a larger curriculum. The driving force behind the workshops is the idea that anyone can become a writer or a poet.

Participants have ranged from novices to MFA candidates, all looking to hear different work. Guest artists are invited to help lead the writing sessions and participate as well.

The next session of the Writing Workshop Series will take place in the Fall of 2013 at beautiful Brazilian Arts Foundation Cultural Center. Keep checking back in for more details!! 

Librotraficante Movement

Originally created as physical response to Arizona's HB 2281 - affectively ending the Mexian-American Studies Program in 2011 - Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say organized a three state, 6 city caravan in the Spring of 2012 delivering over 1.000 books ($20,000 worth of texts) back into the hand of the Tucson, AZ students directly affected by TUSD's decision to close down the MAS program.

Currently, Nuestra Palabra continues the movement by supporting "banned" authors and establishing an Underground Library in major cities across the U.S.

The latest Underground library has found homes in San Francisco and Oakland, CA and Louisville, KY. 

"Si me quedo dormido con un lápiz en la mano, no me lo quites - podría estar escribiendo en mis sueños.
- Terri Guillemet